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Post Date: May 29, 2013

In May, 2013 AQUA TERRA was awarded a 5-year contract to provide a full range of software engineering capabilities to support the Water Mission Area. The Water Mission Area of the USGS conducts water-resource monitoring, assessment, modeling, and research to provide tools that managers and policymakers can use for:

  • Preserving the quality and quantity of the Nation’s water resource, which is critical to the survival of our society, the support of our economy, and the health of our environment;
  • Balancing water quantity and quality in relation to potential conflicting uses among human consumption, industrial use and electric power production, agricultural use, mineral and energy extraction, and ecosystem needs;
  • Understanding, predicting, and mitigating water-related hazards such as floods, droughts, and contamination events, as well as understanding the effects of climate variability on the water resource, in order to foster more sustainable and resilient communities and ecosystems; and
  • Quantifying the vulnerability of human populations and ecosystems to water shortages, surpluses, and degradation of water quality.

The intent of the proposed contract is to provide a full range of software engineering capabilities to support this vision. The Project Team committed to the USGS by AQUA TERRA Consultants will provide all necessary personnel and services to support the functions of system analysis and programming for the development and maintenance of analysis and modeling software in the water resources discipline and related technical documentation, training and mentoring for the USGS Water Mission Area. To do so, the following services will be offered:

  • Reports including plans, schedules, and procedures, and resources needed/used
  • Project management and supervision
  • In-process quality assurance
  • Training to USGS personnel
  • Computer programs, documentation and reports