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AQUA TERRA software development products cited in President Obama's Climate Action Plan

Post Date: June, 2013

A component of the recently released Executive Climate Action Plan is providing a toolkit for climate resilience that uses sound science to manage climate impacts. The President commits Federal agencies to creating a virtual toolkit that centralizes access to data-driven resilience tools, services, and best practices. The toolkit will provide easy access to existing resources as well as new tools, including a Stormwater Calculator and Climate Assessment Tool that is being developed to help local governments assess stormwater-control measures under different precipitation and temperature scenarios.

AQUA TERRA provided support for both components of this tool. Starting in 2005 AQUA TERRA worked with EPA’s Office of Research and Development Global Change Research Group to develop the Climate Assessment Tool (CAT), a flexible set of capabilities for modifying historical weather data to create climate change scenarios for assessing the influence of climate variability and change on water quantity and quality using a variety of watershed models. During 2010 and 2011 EPA’s Office of Water retained AQUA TERRA to enhance the data retrieval, management and visualization elements of the National Stormwater Calculator (SWC), an Agency software development product designed to allow planners and property owners to assess how green infrastructure can be used to reduce rainwater runoff from development sites. Currently AQUA TERRA is under contract to EPA to enhance and integrate CAT’s climate change scenario definition capabilities with SWC’s stormwater-control measure analysis capabilities.