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AQUA TERRA Consultants releases an update to HSPEXP+1.0.

Dated: 05/11/2015

Download HSPEXP+1.01

This update addresses multiple issues and adds some small features.

  1. Based on the request from some users, HSPEXP+ loads with the link to previous project. This reduces the time spent in browsing the previous project.
  2. HSPEXP+ does not close after producing the reports. A user can make changes to the project files (UCI and WDM files) and run HSPEXP+ again. This saves time as a typical user has to run HSPEXP+ multiple times to complete calibration, and the user does not have to restart HSPEXP+ every time.

Bugs fixed

  1. The annual budget reports per reach were not reporting correct rates of nutrient loading if there were some PERLND or IMPLND with zero areas. This bug has been fixed.
  2. HSPEXP+ could not read the lines in EXS file with less characters than expected, and was crashing. This bug has been fixed.
  3. HSPEXP+ was expecting Julian dates in AutomatedGraphs.csv. Now it expects dates in mm/dd/yyyy format.
  4. Graphs are plotted even if no size for lines and symbols are provided. A default size 1 is assumed.
  5. The legend font for frequency graphs was too big and has been reduced to size 12 font.