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AQUA TERRA Consultants releases HSPEXP+1.1, an update to previous versions of HSPEXP+.

Dated: 09/02/2015

Download HSPEXP+1.1


  1. Nutrient Load Allocation Reports (new report) - MPCA supported the development of load allocation reports for sediment, Total Nitrogen(TN), and Total Phosphorus(TP) in HSPEXP+. The load allocation reports provide load and percent of total load, attributed to each upstream sources at all the reach end points in the watershed, and at the user-selected reaches, whenever sediment, TN, or TP reports are requested. The description of this process is provided in the updated User's Manual.
  2. Additional cases were added to calculate TN and TP input to a reach if particulate ammonia and orthophosphate are added to the reach as attached to sediment.

Bug fixes

  1. A bug was fixed where HSPEXP+ would attempt to run HSPF12.3 instead of HSPF12.4(beta), if the user has HSPF12.3 installed. HSPEXP+ now runs only HSPF12.4(beta) that is installed with HSPEXP+.
  2. A bug was fixed where total water input to a reach was double counted in the Reach Budget Report for water.