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Participants Praise AQUA TERRA's Most Recent BASINS/HSPF Workshop

Comments from Participants of AQUA TERRA's BASINS/HSPF Training Workshop on August 9-13,2010 in St. Paul, Minnesota

  • This was an absolutely excellent workshop. The lessons and presentations were well developed and kept my interest the whole week. It would be a challenge to improve upon what they did.
  • The workshop was run very well, the instructors were great and exercises worthwhile.
  • Fantastic! Well-organized and informative workshop. Virtually no technical difficulties.
  • Having slides/computer sessions and everything on a CD is great. Put together very well.
  • Very worthwhile overall, a well thought out and organized series of presentations and exercises.
  • It gave me a little more inspiration and confidence that I can run it on my own.
  • Very well done workshop. Provided a lot of information and resources.
  • Obtained better working knowledge of BASINS and the models that can be applied, and how BASINS can be used in TMDL development.
  • I learned a lot. Well worth it.
  • Good overview of what is needed to run the model.
  • Worth the time – will be very useful.
  • Excellent! Thank you for making Minnesota-specific examples.
  • It was a pleasure to learn from the experts. All sessions were very well done.
  • While it was free, it was one of the best workshops (free or not) that I have ever attended.
  • It was a very pleasant experience to work with such clearly written exercises and such knowledgeable speakers/presenters.