AQUA TERRA Consultants
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System Analysis/Programming for Analysis, Modeling and Data Management Software and Technical Documentation & Training

Client: U.S. Geological Survey Office of Surface Water, Reston, VA

Nature of Firm's Responsibility:

  • Providing Reports including Plans, Schedules, Procedures, and Resources Needed/Used
  • Providing Project Management and Supervision
  • Providing In-process Quality Assurance
  • Furnishing Training and Mentoring to USGS Personnel
  • Providing Computer Programs, Documentation, and Reports

This multi-year (2007– 2011), multi-million dollar contract is providing services for the Office of the Associate Director for Water to develop and support hydrologic, hydraulic, and water-quality analysis and modeling software for studies performed by District and project offices. AQUA TERRA is providing a full range of software engineering capabilities to support research, development, and maintenance of applications software and related technical documentation. Throughout the contract AQUA TERRA and its subcontractors are performing delivery orders that address a broad range of model development and application needs for Headquarters, Districts, and cooperating agencies.

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