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HSPF Help for Windows

HSPF Help for Windows is an online version of the HSPF users manual. This help system provides all the information offered in the printed HSPF users manual, with the convenience of the Windows 95 and NT help system standards. The system functions as typical Windows Help programs, with Contents, Index, and Find features.

The Contents allows the user to move from a table of contents directly to the desired topic. The Index provides a means for the user to enter a topic of interest and connect to the associated section. The Find feature allows the user to search through the manual for particular words or phrases.

Hyperlinks allow the user to move from one section of the manual to related sections. Through hyperlinks the user may move directly from a functional description of a module to its input format and time series catalog listing.

HSPF Help for Windows can be downloaded

Obtain a copy of HSPF Help from the HSPF Page at the Water Resources Division of the USGS

The compressed file is about 3 megabytes and will expand to about 7 megabytes. HSPFHelp.hlp and HSPFHelp.cnt are contained in the zip file. Double click on HSPFHelp.hlp to view the file. If you have difficulty downloading it, a copy may be obtained from Paul Hummel in the Decatur office.

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