AQUA TERRA Consultants
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Parameter Database for HSPF Water Quality Applications

Client: U.S. EPA Office of Science and Technology, Washington, DC

AQUA TERRA Consultants is supporting U.S. EPA's Office of Science and Technology by collecting and organizing a database of HSPF parameter values, with an emphasis on water quality, as part of a research effort to develop guidance for HSPF and BASINS users. We are searching for watersheds to which HSPF has been applied and calibrated at any scale, anywhere in North America. The purpose of the database will be to provide future HSPF and BASINS users with the best possible starting point for developing HSPF parameter values for additional studies on watersheds that have already been modeled, or for modeling studies of new watersheds that have similar characteristics/settings to previously calibrated and simulated watersheds. For each watershed that has been simulated using HSPF, selected parameters will be extracted from the User's Control Input, and stored along with additional characterization data that may be interactively viewed by HSPF users via a stand-alone software product, or as a tool available within the BASINS framework.

HSPFParm is included with BASINS 3.0 at the Office of Water of the EPA
Also available separately

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